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to find out how much you save! ... compared to 6%

On average our clients pay 1% for one of our full-service Brokers and 2.5% to the buying brokerage.

If Your Home Is Worth $150,000
You Save $3,750


to find out how much you save! ... compared to 6%

On average our clients pay 1% for one of our full-service Brokers and 2.5% to the buying brokerage.

If Your Home Is Worth $600,000
You Save $15,000

Discount Real Estate Broker

Why List at 6%?

Discover how much you can save with a Discount Broker.


Discount Real Estate Brokers

In short, to build our discount real estate brokerage model we opted to leverage technology over antiquated real estate processes and extinct marketing techniques which are widely used by real estate agents.

We are an extremely efficient Fort Myers discount real estate brokerage that has successfully cut unnecessary overhead while increasing marketing exposure for our clients.

Through all of these structural improvements to the traditional real estate brokerage model, we are able to offer you complete, full-service real estate services for only 1% commission on the listing side and can sell it for as little as 3% TOTAL commission.

About 1 Percent Lists Fort Myers

1 Percent Lists is a full-service discount real estate brokerage with an office located in Fort Myers Florida. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service as we help you sell or buy a home. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Fort Myers' average real estate commission can be as high as 6% of the sale price. Our business model at 1 Percent Lists is simple. The idea is to let you keep more of the equity in your home when it comes time to sell. To accomplish this, our listing fee will not exceed 1%.

Local agents are well-versed in current market trends as well as neighborhood data. It can be difficult to research on your own. Let us help you find your next home.

We strive to make every transaction a success. This is possible through honest communication, cutting-edge technology, and easy access to our professional networks.

Frequently asked questions about Fort Myers real estate

When is the best time to hire a Fort Myers real estate agent?

It all depends on Fort Myers' current real estate market. However, we recommend that you speak to a realtor as soon as possible if you are thinking about buying or selling a property in the area. This could be three to nine months before your move. The bottom line is that the sooner you contact a real estate agent the better. This will allow your agent to get acquainted with you and your needs.

Is it important to find a Fort Myers real estate agent who is experienced?

An experienced agent can help you get the best price for your home. They have been through many transactions and can help you overcome any problems that may arise. They are also familiar with the local area and have knowledge of specific neighborhoods.

How should I approach Fort Myers agents when interviewing them?

It is important to know the experience and expertise of potential agents in real estate. When interviewing potential real estate agents, there are some essential questions you should ask. If a real estate agent can't answer any of these questions, it should be a red flag.

  • How many homes have you sold/closed in the last 6 months?
  • Can you provide me with referrals or client reviews?
  • What is your marketing and/or negotiation strategy?
  • Do you work with a team?
  • How many days, on average, do your listings take to sell?
  • Are you a discount real estate broker with full service?

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Our team is available to answer your questions about the Fort Myers real estate market as well as the buying or selling process. CONTACT US NOW.

Save Thousands

Listing Your Home With 1% Lists

1 Percent Lists SWFL lets you save thousands of dollars selling your home by eliminating the older marketing strategies which are less effective and implementing cutting edge marketing for real estate and maximizing modern marketing strategies all without losing the benefit of having an ACTIVE REALTOR in your corner.


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The first step to selling your home in Fort Myers is knowing its value. We can use your particular home's information as well as current trends and real estate market data in the Fort Myers area to provide a fair market value for your home.

To request your home’s value estimate, fill out our “list your home for 1%” form and one of our experienced agents will get back to you shortly with the value of your home as well as information on recently sold homes in your immediate area.

Fort Myers, FL residential real estate

Fort Myers has a population of 67,520 people in 48.97 square miles. There are 24,609 households in the city, 48% of which are families. If you move to Fort Myers, you can generally expect to commute to work between 20 to 24 minutes.

Fort Myers housing statistics


49.0 Sq. miles











Fort Myers age of population
Average age of the population of Fort Myers, Florida

About Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers (or Ft. Myers) is a city in and the county seat and commercial center of Lee County, Florida, United States. As of the 2010 U.S. Census, the population was 62,298 and in 2019 was estimated at 87,103. Together with the larger and more residential Cape Coral, it anchors a metropolitan statistical area (MSA) which comprises Lee County and has a population of 770,577 in 2019.

Fort Myers is a gateway to the Southwest Florida region and a major tourist destination within Florida. The winter estates of Thomas Edison ("Seminole Lodge") and Henry Ford ("The Mangoes") are major attractions. The city takes its name from a local former fort that was built during the Seminole Wars. The fort in turn took its name from Colonel Abraham Myers in 1850; Myers served in the United States Army, mostly the Quartermaster Department, in various posts from 1833-1861 and was the quartermaster general of the Confederate States Army from 1861–1864.

Fort Myers Climate

Fort Myers has a tropical savanna climate The temperature rarely rises to 100 °F (38 °C) or lowers to the freezing mark. Rainfall averages just over 57 inches per year, strongly concentrated during the rainy season (June to September) with its frequent showers and thunderstorms; on average, these four months deliver 67 percent of annual rainfall. From October to May, the average monthly rainfall is less than four inches. In years with drier than average conditions from winter into mid-spring, drought can develop, and brush fires can be a significant threat. Reflecting the June to September wet season, Fort Myers has 89 days annually in which a thunderstorm is close enough for thunder to be heard, the most in the nation.

The monthly daily average temperature ranges from 64.7 °F (18.2 °C) in January to 83.4 °F (28.6 °C) in August, with the annual mean being 75.4 °F (24.1 °C).